Advanced sailing skills

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Advance sailing skills is the second volume in the Canadian Yachting Association’s «Learn to Sail» series. Covers Bronze Sail Level 4 and 5 requirements. Discusses local wind and weather, safety, tuning, and spinnaker handling for those learning to sail in dinghies. See also «Basic Sailing Skills».

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This renowned manual was written to support any sailor looking to understand more to enjoy sailing safely, farther & faster. With illustrations and non-technical language, the reader gains a complete understanding of fundamentals and theory affecting boat speed & handling. Advanced Sailing Skills serves as an excellent basis for those who wish to go on to learn to race, improve their racing, teach sailing, coach, or comfortably enjoy sailboat cruising.

Advanced Sailing Skills is the second in a series of manuals which are used as the student text book in the Canadian Yachting Association’s Learn to Sail program. the original manual was written in 1979 by Don Giffin, an active, instructor, Albacore racing competitor, dedicated volunteer, and CYA, used extensively by over  30,000 sailors as they were introduced to the advance sailing skills  which comprise the CYA Bronze Sail standard

In 1990 the Learn to Sail Committee of Canadian Yachting Association decided to have Advanced Sailing Skills rewritten to reflect the changes which have taken place in sailing over the past twelve years.

Sven Donaldson, a Vancouver based sailing writer, was commissioned by Canadian Yachting association to write this new version of Advanced Sailing skills, A Sailors Guide to Sails, and Understanding the new Sailing Technology, as well as many articles in Pacific Yachting Magazine, Sail and Cruising World. In Advance Sailing Skills Sven has simplified sail theory, spinnaker flying and advance sailing techniques so the reader gets hands 0n appreciation of the enjoyment of sailing.

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